spaceX and T-Mobile

Satellite to phone companies are ecstatic about SpaceX and T-Mobile

Elon Musk and T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert were on stage together on Thursday to make the announcement that SpaceX is collaborating with the company to entirely remove cellular dead zones. According to the firms, the next-generation Starlink satellites, which are scheduled to launch the following year, will be able to communicate directly with phones, enabling you to text, make calls, and maybe stream video even if there are no cell towers in the area. Musk also asserted that all of this could be accomplished using current-generation smartphones, negating the need for consumers to purchase any more hardware.

The carrier is making a bold claim because Verizon and AT&T don’t have anything similar. However, companies other than SpaceX and T-Mobile are also interested in using satellites to directly connect with cell phones using the available wireless spectrum.


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Source : Wired

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