linux instead of windows

Linux instead of Windows: The most competitive reasons explained

Linux operating systems are free. On the other hand, you have to pay for Windows . The first reason to use Linux instead of Windows could be the cost of a Windows license. Thus there are many computer users who are using Windows with a bypassed license. By using a bypassed Windows license can risk our computer security.

Linux is more productive and It runs efficiently, leaving more CPU resources and memory for applications. Linux also boots faster than Windows.

Windows has the best graphical interface but It’s not the best OS for development. You can’t modify the Windows NT kernel because It is closed source. It requires too many applications to operate the operating system. You can get every category Windows tool on the internet but most of them come with malware. So, It’s very hard to identify the fresh application for a primary level computer user.

You can use command lines to operate Linux. It doesn’t require third party applications to operate your system. Linux is an open-source kernel and It’s completely extendable and modifiable.

Linux is secured in comparison to any other operating system. Your malware infected linux system is less vulnerable than others.


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