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LinkedIn launches a new marketplace for freelancers

The most popular professional networking and job seekers platform LinkedIn launches a new marketplace for freelancers all over the world. It’s similar to other service platform such as Upwork and Fiverr. LinkedIn marketplace was initially released in February for a small amount of users to test the project. Then, It launched in beta with 2 million of users. Finally, It’s available to all worldwide. To make a freelancer on LinkedIn, users should visit their LinkedIn profile, tap on ‘Work’ atop of the right corner and then choose ‘Service Marketplace’. Then, users should click on ‘Get Started’ under the section ‘Are you a provider?. The section will open a window with few questions about users which service they would offer.

‌This marketplace is currently free to use for everyone. At present, there are 200 service categories. It has plan to expand service and job categories to 500.

‌The key feature of the LinkedIn marketplace is freelancers have no option to search services and jobs. They can only wait for jobs if buyers discover them by the freelancer service list.

‌Currently, LinkedIn gets a new member within two seconds. The service marketplace assuredly will grow It’s number of users.


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