the running star by forbes

The running star

I don’t remember exactly since when I started seeing the running star.  Insofar I can remember, I am seeing it since my childhood. In the evening of an winter, my mother and maids were boiling recently cropped rice whilst my cousin Niaz, our servant Imadul and me, we were playing on the rick, I suddenly looked in the sky and then I saw a star unusually running. I immediately asked to Imadul what was it. He answered to me, It’s an angel flying in the sky. I couldn’t believe in Imadul’s answer and It made me more curious about the star. I asked to my elder brother about the running star. He told to me, It’s an airplane. Now I am a grown man but I still have curiousity on the running star. Although, I know there’s an international flight route above the bay of bengal. It’s a popular flight route. My town is a coast of bay of bengal. When an airplane going for It’s destination at night, the airplane look like a running star from my coastal town. Despite I’ve uncovered this mystery, I still look in the sky for a running star at night.  But today, there is no star running in the sky. Because people are panicked to flying airplanes. There is a disaster going in the world which stopped the running star. The disaster is corona virus. It’s killing people everywhere in the world. I don’t want to say much about the corona virus because, I am very afraid of it. It also can infect me. I don’t know, when I will be able to see the running star again. I don’t know, how long the disaster will blow over us. But I wish the world will survive this corona virus crisis and I will be able to see the running star again.

  – Shawn Al-Imran Hussain

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