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A time, there I would like to be lost!

I’m not a traveller but I travelled miles away from home. I’m not a climber but I have mounted many mountains. We do things because we need to do. We can’t skip doing it because we are doing it for everybody. There is no joy but responsibility.

Imagine that you are escaping responsibility for entertainment, It will certainly make you socially awkward. According to the entire world, It will turn into a loser. What if we can get total enjoyment while we are handling all responsibilities. Our life would be much happier than ever. It depends as per our mindset. What if we can stop judging things what should do or not? It has an ability go erase our arrogance from inside.

Life is a long journey. They say, life is too short. I’d say, life is huge. We have to cross the ocean until the end. Do whatever you want to do, just follow your heart. Don’t do things to be tagged. Not everyone of us is the best man. We weren’t born to be the best. Listen to your mind and that would be your high responsibility.

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