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How to install WordPress on your local computer?


WordPress is a free, open source website creation platform. Technically, WordPress is a content management system (CMS). At It’s cote, WordPress is the easiest way to design and manage website. Millions of business owners, bloggers, publishers and support providers use WordPress to maintain their online presence.

Install WordPress on PC (localhost)

Installing WordPress on your computer is quite easy. All you have to do is follow some steps. You can’t install WordPress directly on your computer. First of all, you have to create a web server environment to install it on your localhost.

Steps to install WordPress on your localhost (Computer)

1. Download and install a local server software:

downloading xampp

Download  XAMPP and install it on your computer. XAMPP is a software that will provide you web server environment including MySQL database on your computer. After installing the software successfully, open the software. The control panel widget will appear on your computer screen.

2. Start modules from XAMPP control panel:

how to install wordpress

The second step is to start XAMPP modules.

  • Apache
  • MySQL

Test modules by clicking on “Admin”, It will redirect to webpages. Check the URL of your browser to make sure that your XAMPP works precisely. (http:localhost/dashbroad)

3. Download WordPress:

download wordpress file

Download WordPress from It’s official website and make sure that you have downloaded the latest version.

4. Extract WordPress files to XAMPP’s htdocs folder:

xampp htdocs folder

Extract the downloaded WordPress archive file to XAMPP’s htdocs folder. To find htdocs folder, you have to go to the drive where you have installed XAMPP. Explore the XAMPP folder and then find “htdocs” folder. Extract all WordPress files to “htdocs” folder.

5. Create a Database for WordPress:

directadmin create a database

Next, go to XAMPP control panel again. Click on MySQL “Admin” after that It will launch to phpMyAdmin page. Create a database on phpMyAdmin.

6. Setup WordPress on-screen installer:


When you will visit your test website, you will see normal WordPress installer. Remember your test website will be “http://localhost/wordpress-folder-name”.

You will get the installation wizard where you have to provide your database details

how to install wordpress on your computer

  • Database: Database name that you created on phpMyAdmin
  • Username: root
  • Password: keep it blank

Then finish your setup like normal. If you have successfully installed WordPress, the on-screen installation wizard will take you to WordPress panel. (


Once you have completed all setup then you will be able to browse your WordPress website from localhost.(

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