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How to fix “Too Many Redirects” error in WordPress?

URL redirection is important to when web page addresses are changed permanently or temporarily. Sometimes, your website might get stuck at a redirect loop. If this error happens to your WordPress website, you may face the “Too Many Redirects” error that will prevent accessing your web pages.

Luckily, you can fix this error following several methods. The issue probably within your website, server, SSL, browser or third party or programs. Following this article you can diagnosis the issue of your website and fix it quickly.



In Google Chrome this error will shown as ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.

Error Too Many Redirects in Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox this error will be shown as The page isn’t redirecting properly

Error Too Many Redirects in Mozilla Firefox


Microsoft EDGE

In Micrsoft EDGE this error will be shown as This page is not working right now.

Error Too Many Redirects in Microsoft EDGE



In Safari you will simply see the error as Safari can’t open the page.

Error Too Many Redirects in Safari

We will give you few steps to fix this unavoidable issue. By following these steps, you will be able to return your website normal as earlier.

1. Clear browser cache and cookies.

The most common issue of Error Too Many Redirects occured by browser cookies misconfiguration. Go to a different browser which is not you are a using currently. Access your website through that web browser. If you can access your web pages with that browser then you have to clear your default browser cache and cookies from browser setting. If this step does not fix the error then you should follow next step.

2. Plugin Conflicts

In WordPress websites plugin conflict is a common issue. Sometimes, plugin setting can occur Error Too Many Redirects issue. To fix this issue, deactivate all your plugins. Try accessing your website when all plugins are deactivate. If you can access your website then activate your plugins one by one. This is how you can find out which plugin causes the error. Keep the plugin deactivate until you find solution in plugin support forum.

3. Reset .htaccess File

.htaccess is an essential file that is used by your server and WordPress to generate your website SEO friendly links. In some cases, .htaccess file gets corrupt due to your WordPress setting. So, It can occur Top Many Redirects issue. To fix this error, you have to rename the .htaccess file from your web host’s file manager. Try access your website after renaming the .htaccess file. WordPress will generate a new and fresh .htaccess file for your website.

4. WordPress URLs error

WordPress URL can also cause Error Too Many Redirects issue. To fix this issue, go to your web host’s file manager and find functions.php of your theme. Edit the file and save this code in  functions.php.

5. SSL Issue

SSL may cause this issue as well. Your website may not be redirected http to https for that it will arise Error Too Many Redirects. Uninstall your SSL and access your website hopefully It will fix the following issue.

6. Contact your Hosting Provider

If you find all these steps are not fixing your website then contact your hosting provider. They will let you know what things are causing this error.

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