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How to get rid of “Mommy Heather” scammers on Snapchat?

Whether you are a Snapchat user or not, You must heard of online scammers. Scammers are the group of people who are tricking people to get money. Recently, Snapchat has got the highest number of scammers. Snapchat is a social media which is popular amidst young people. It has over 300 million users. Scammers are targeting Snapchat users because It’s easy to outsmart teens and young users.

Sugar Mommy Heather is a common scammer trend on Snapchat. There are thousands of account with the same name “Mommy Heather”. Generally, Mommy Heather would offer you huge money as a donation. She will collect your sensitive information in the name of this donation . Sugar Mommy Heather may ask for your Email account, Cash App details and PayPal account details as you can receive the money. Once you will reply one of the Mommy Heather, you will get more friend request from many other Sugar Mommies with the same message. It means your Snapchat account has been injected to their database. Scammers will keep sending you friend request by different account names until they meet their purpose.

Sugar Mommy Heather is actually a scammers group from Africa. Some investigation says, a small number of scammers of them is US residents. They target teen or young users by offering a huge amount of money. When a Snapchat user agree to get the donation. Scammers ask the person to give them few dollars as a gift to process everything. When Scammers get the money from their targets, they will ask to send more money for all tasks to complete. Sugar Mommy Heather will keep messaging you unless you delete the account from your contact list. This is how Sugar Mommy Heather fooling Snapchat users.

To get rid of Sugar Mommy Heather, you have to stop adding strangers in your friend list. You have must update your security and privacy of your Snapchat. Don’t ever fall for scammers offer and skip all their messages. In any case, you have added with one of them then you shouldn’t reply their messages. Contact your ISP  to reset your internet configuration such as IP address and DNS records.

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