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How to install WordPress on cPanel and Plesk?

Install WordPress on cPanel


cPanel is a user-friendly web control panel designed to make it more easier for web developers. If you are planning to create a website through WordPress and you are a beginner then you should try cPanel based web host.

cPanel allows website developers to manage website with various tools. It’s easy to work through those WordPress related tools on cPanel.  You can effortlessly manage Email accounts, Files, Database and install CMS on cPanel. Despite that WordPress is the most popular CMS platform, website owners should learn cPanel as well.

Steps to install WordPress on cPanel


Almost all hosting providers allow cPanel account users to install WordPress by few clicks.

1. Login to your cPanel and go to homepage of it.

2. Select Softaculous App installer

cpanel wordpress

3. WordPress is on the list of Softaculous App installer. If you aren’t able to find it out then search WordPress on Softaculous App installer.

cpanel wordpress

4. Click on the WordPress icon. By clicking on the icon, It will appear a menu. Click on “Install”.

cpanel wordpress

5. You have options to install WordPress two different ways. Choose quick install or custom one. Forms of installation will be different in both options. Fill the form wisely.

cpanel wordpress

6. Specify the WordPress installation URL that means the domain URL where you want to install WordPress.

cpanel wordpress

7. Provide your admin user name, password and admin email account.

8. The next step is hit on the install button to install WordPress.

Once you are done with these steps then Softaculous App install will provide you two different URL one is your WordPress website frontend (www.example.com) another one is admin dashboard URL. (www.example.com/wp-admin)

Install WordPress on Plesk


Plesk is the most popular web control panel and It’s easy to use. Basically, Plesk is developer friendly. It has all essential tools within the panel. You can easily install WordPress Plesk by following few steps.

Steps to install WordPress on cPanel


1. Login to your Plesk panel. Click on Website & Domains in the left hand menu.

plesk wordpress

2. By clicking on Website & Domain then you will see an option to Install WordPress.

plesk wordpress

3. Click on the Install WordPress button. It will appear a pop-up installation form.

plesk wordpress

4. Fill the form precisely and specify the file installation path that will he your website URL.

5. Provide admin username, password and email account to secure the installation.

6.  Enable or disable the automatic update feature for themes and plugins.

plesk wordpress

7. Get into WordPress admin dashboard.


Installing WordPress is so easy in cPanel and Plesk both web control panels. If your hosting provider does not allow you install WordPress autometicall then you can do install it manually. If you need any assistant to install WordPress manually then feel free to contact us.

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