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How to create a Business Email Account in cPanel and Plesk?

In this post, we will describe how to create a business email account in two most popular web control panels. Let’s start with the definition of it.

What is a business email?

A business email is a professional email that uses your organisation’s domain name after the “@” symbol. Your domain name is your business website followed by a top level domain such as “.com”, “.net” or “org”. Including you or your employees name before your domain name makes it more professional.

A business email includes your organisation’s domain name instead of a specific domain name such as or For an example, your personal email address could be “[email protected]” and a professional email could be “[email protected]”. Even though business name is in both emails but using a business email can create a better impression.

How to create an email account in cPanel?

1. Login to your cPanel then navigate to Email Accounts.

2. Click on Email Account, It will open a new webpage. Navigate to +create button.

3. Select your organisation’s domain to create a business email account to associate with the domain. Provide your desired username and password of the email account. You can put an alternative email by security section. Your password and configuration details will be sent in that alternative email. Click on +create button when you have set all details.

4. Once you’re done creating an email account then click on Check Email to login your webmail.

5. Choose your preferred webmail client to use your email account. Click any of them to access your business email account.

How to create an email account in Plesk?

1. Login to your Plesk

2. Select Mail from left-hand menu

3. Click on the Create Email Address button.

4. Type your email address username, password and required fields. Specify the memory limit of your mail box.

5. Click on Ok to finish.


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