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Why video gig is more important than image gig on Fiverr marketplace?

Fiverr video gig is a service that allows freelancers to introduce themselves by a video. Freelancers can visualize their competencies through that video to attract buyers. According to Fiverr rules, a video gig shouldn’t be above 75 seconds and maximum file size is 50 MB.

Image gig is a graphical image that illustrate Fiverr freelancers skill and introduction. By an image gig freelancers can demonstrate their key skills to their clients. The required file size of an image gig is less than 5MB and the dimension is 550 pixels width, 370 pixels height.

A video can contain various information which has the better ability than an image. You can elaborate your identity and experiences through a video. Creating an introduction video of your portfolio can help you to get attention of buyers. Visually illustrated video is a better way to describe your skills which is not possible by images. According to expert freelancers, video gig more useful than any image gig for you Fiverr freelancing career.

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